Benefits of Taking a Bath


Taking a bath has been a favorite activity throughout the ages. Just ask the Romans, right? So, is it just hype or are there actual benefits of taking a bath? It turns out those Romans were onto something.  Here just some of the different proven health benefits for taking a bath:

  1. Improved heart health. You don’t want the water too hot, but a warm bath can initially make your heartbeat just a little bit faster delivering oxygen throughout the body and giving you heart a healthy and easy workout.
  2. Stress relief. Submerging in warm water calms the nervous system reducing anxiety and stress in your body you might not realize you were even carrying. As you relax you will find yourself breathing deeper. Add the deeper breathing with increased blood flow and your muscles will thank you for the increase in nutrients.
  3. Pain reduction. Having weight lifted off joints reduces pain and inflammation and allows for improved blood flow.
  4. Increase in serotonin. Bathing in warm water increases serotonin for relaxation and well-being. You’ll often hear of people relaxing by taking a warm bath at the end of the day. This is what they are looking for!
  5. Cleanses and moisturizes skin. You might want to avoid putting any types of oils in your bath, but you certainly can apply them after your bath. As long as you don’t have the bathwater too hot, your skin can benefit from a good soak. Just be sure to apply lotion after to seal the moisture in.
  6. Regulating your body temperature. By increasing blood circulation from the core to hands and feet, body heat is removed and lowers body temperature. The circadian process is helped and you’re able to fall asleep quicker with increased sleep quality.

Don’t you deserve less stress and better sleep? You can’t deny science. If a faulty or old bathtub is standing between you and the benefits of bathing, call BathMax to schedule an estimate on bathtub replacement. If a plumbing problem is what is causing trouble, BathMax has a Master Plumber on hand to fix any plumbing problems that are found during your bathtub replacement. Estimates are free and we’re ready to help to enjoy the health benefits of bathing.

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