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Walk-in Bathtubs

Walk-In Bathtubs Bucks County

At Bath Max, we love to install walk-in bathtubs for our customers in Doylestown, Dublin PA, Quakertown, Perkasie, Lansdale and surrounding areas. Our walk-in tubs are not only a perfect way to maintain your independence, but do so in style! You can relax in comfort and not worry about bathing in a whirlpool tub, or getting in and out for those with mobility issues. Our walk-in bathtub 4” threshold is the lowest threshold in the industry! Bath Max can replace your old, unsafe tub and install a new, walk-in Jacuzzi tub with a variety of different options and ADA compliant features such as a grab bar, shower head, and more. The doors on all our walk-in tubs are guaranteed for life not to leak… ever!

Many of the walk-in bathtubs we have installed have been during a bathroom remodel while making an existing bathroom more accessible for our senior and mobility impaired customers. Our walk-in bathtubs come in many different sizes and can be custom fit. From the Cape May Spa, to the compact Sea Isle, and unique, wheelchair accessible, The Brigantine that features extra-wide doors that open out for easy access. Contact Bath Max today to schedule a free in-home consultation to find out which walk-in bathtub is right for you.


Lowest 4” Threshold in the Industry!

Do you miss the luxury of taking a nice soaking tub bath because you cannot lift your leg over the edge of a standard tub? Fear not! BATH MAX has the answer for you.

Our 4″ threshold is the lowest threshold in the industry. Low enough to easily get into and out of, our amazing CAPE MAY SPA model is just what you have been thinking of. Relax to the champagne bubbles as your worries drift away.

This style comes in many different sizes and options. Call today to see which one is just right for you!


  • Soaking in a bathtub is both soothing and relaxing to the mind and body.
  • Our CAPE MAY SPA tub offers swirling water that can be an easy and affordable way to ease muscle tension and relieve pain by improving circulation.
  • You can have the gentle stream of warm water jets or the effervescence of the tiny champagne bubble of the air jets. You control it all with a convenient touch of a button.
  • Hydrotherapy can reduce stress, improve sleep, ease tension and muscle cramps, and reduces pain from arthritis.
  • The Cape May Spa tub will have you sleeping better and enjoying increased circulation..

Walk-in Bathtubs


Compact walk-in spa at your fingertips

BATH MAX brings you all the safety and independence of bathing to our compact tub, the Sea Isle.

With its outward opening door, this walk-in tub offers you the convenience of an easy entry without compromising your available space. This tub is ideal for those with smaller bathrooms or if there is a need to place your tub in an area that was not a bathroom before!

Enjoy a deep soak in the Sea Isle, or add jets for your bathing pleasure.


BATH MAX is able to offer a unique tub that is wheelchair accessible.

The extra wide door opens out making for easy access into the tub. We can install this versatile tub with the opening to the left or right, whichever works best for you and the space you are going to be using the tub.

All controls and the showerhead are within easy reach from the molded seat making it easy for the individual to bathe in comfort and safety.

Coming in different widths and options this could be the prefect tub for your needs.

Misconceptions about Walk-In Bathtubs

  1. Walk-in bathtubs can leak through the door. Walk-in bathtubs have a couple of features to make sure this doesn’t happen. First, the user-friendly handle creates a watertight seal that does not allow water to pass through. Secondly, the door of your walk-in bathtub opens inward, so water’s natural pressure pushes against the door to prevent accidentally opening.
  2. Walk-in bathtubs require excess hot water. A walk-in bathtub requires no more hot water than a normal tub. You won’t have any need for a larger or additional water heater or new plumbing.
  3. Walk-in bathtubs are difficult to get in and out. New walk-in bathtubs are designed for both the user and the caregiver. While we mentioned that most walk-in bathtubs are designed with doors that open inward, available models that open outward are also available if needed.
  4. Walk-in bathtubs are boring. Nope! You don’t have to compromise when choosing your dream walk-in bathtub. Many walk-in bathtubs are available with similar features such as a whirlpool tub. You can even get a specialty whirlpool tub from Jacuzzi bath.
  1. Walk-in bathtubs are expensive. One good thing about walk-in bathtubs is that they have evolved to include many different options in all budget ranges. Installation has also evolved to fit with existing plumbing and be installed quickly.
  2. Walk-in bathtubs take a long time to fill and drain. We know you are worried about being cold while waiting for your walk-in tub to fill or drain. But many tubs can both fill and drain within 6-8 minutes. And while you’re waiting for you walk-in tub to fill, you can use the hand-held shower attachment to lighting spray yourself with warm water. On the other end, you might welcome the relief of the draining process after a long hot soak!
  3. Walk-in bathtubs are difficult to clean. Our customers are often relieved that their new walk-in tub is easier to clean than a traditional bathtub. For one, you can sit down while you’re doing the majority of cleaning. Some customers even take advantage of the draining process to give their tub a quick wipe down.

GLowing 5-Star Reviews

Robert & Theresa★★★★★
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We do not consider ourselves senior citizens, however, we are not getting any younger! We wanted to get rid of that old, hard to clean tub and get a big, roomy shower. Bath Max came and did just that! In about a day and a half we had just what ...
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I am so happy to have found BATH MAX! They do what they say they are going to do, there were no surprises! They were clean and neat and the end result is so beautiful ... I could not be happier!
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I was so fearful of having to go into a nursing home because I could not get into the old standard tub we had. BATH MAX came in and installed a walk-in tub and now I not only can get in and bathe, it feels so like a spa! Thanks, ...
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I did my research and believe me no one out there compares with BATH MAX! They do what they say. What a pleasure!

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