How do Handicap Showers work?


Do you have a handicapped person at home? Or do you know someone who is recovering from a long illness and still needs assistance in their daily activities? Bathmax understands that when you are faced with mobility issues your best option would be to opt for handicap showers.  We can customize your walk-in showers with ADA compliant fixtures and features. If you want to remodel your bathroom then our barrier-free and low threshold showers can convert your old bath to a stylish and safe one. Since different customers have different mobility impairments, some wanted showers with handles, some wanted only grab rails and some required zero entry. Our team will first assess your situation, understand your needs, and then using their expertise offer valuable solutions. We are quite aware that the one-size-fits-all does not apply in the  case of these specialized showers, hence we design and build it efficiently as per your particular needs. 

Below we have mentioned 3 important tips to create a bathroom accessible for handicaps. Take a look. 

  1. Anti-Skid Flooring 

It is essential to add the slip-resistant coating, as handicapped people are more prone to slipping and getting injured seriously. Getting it in the shower or bathtub along with all other surfaces of the bathroom can prevent mishaps to occur. 

  1. Grab Bars 

Having grab bars and rails make carrying out ordinary activities in the bathroom more manageable. Apart from around the toilet, these bars should also be inside the shower or bathtub for easier maneuvering of the handicapped person.  

  1. Shower Seat 

This is a very good option for those who can’t stand. Even for those who can, this can be a very good additional support. Placing the shower seat in the shower or inside the bathtub can be of great help to the person in need. 

So, if you are a resident of Dublin PA, Lansdale, Doylestown, Perkasie, and Quakertown, and need a handicap shower for you or your loved ones, you can give us a call on 215-249-1180. 

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