How to find the perfect bath renovation specialists


A bathroom remodel can be a big job.  This is a home improvement that you are choosing to allocate your valuable time and money on.  How can you make sure you’re getting what you deserve? The first step is making the right choice amongst the bathroom renovation and bathroom remodel experts you interview. We’re going to be a bit biased here, but here’s why BathMax should be your provider of choice, starting with a free estimate.

Here are some things to avoid when selecting a contractor:

  1. Contractors are often a ‘jack of all trades, masters of none’. This is why they are contractors – they contract the job out. Unfortunately, their loyalty may lie with the people they are hiring to do the work. The contractor is dependent on the tiler, plumber, carpenter, etc. just as they are dependent on him. It’s a symbiotic relationship that the customer may not be involved in.
  2. Some don’t finish jobs. If your agreement is to pay as you go, when the job is 80-90% done, your calls may not get answered. Why? There’s a small amount of money left for them and chasing another job may be more lucrative. Unfortunately, this is often finishing and sealing work which can leave your bathroom unusable.
  3. The jobs seem like they take forever. Contractors take as many jobs as they can handle, and sometimes more. This is how they keep their cash flow and their subcontractors and tradesmen busy and loyal. What does this mean to you? They might be there one day and then not back for days, or possibly weeks. For a bathroom remodel, this could be a disaster.

Here is where BathMax outshines compared to other bathroom contractors.

  • We’re a family business that has been doing bathroom remodels for 40 years
  • We’re part of the local community and are not going anywhere
  • We get most of our new business from our referrals
  • We also know that most people will go to different sites to read reviews. Our customers’ satisfaction is what keeps us going and keeps us in business.

Call today for your free bathroom remodel estimate in Doylestown, Dublin PA, Lansdale, Perkasie, and Quakertown.

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