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Telford Tub to Shower Conversions From Bath Max

Telford Tub to Shower Conversion & Bathroom Conversion

Hoping to remodel your Telford bathroom right away? The  specialists of Bath Max are standing by! 

Homes can easily profit from bathtub-to-shower conversion services. Get in touch with our team at Bath Max, and draw up an all-inclusive price quote. Your restroom space can easily and efficiently be remodeled in just 24 hours. There is no need to delay receiving 5-star Telford tub-to-shower conversions. Bath Max is the name you trust! Curious homeowners can easily call our team of designers simply by dialing 215-249-1180!

Greater Philadelphia Bathtub and Shower Conversion Services

For those on the hunt to find a five-star tub-to-shower conversion service that won’t cost a fortune in time and resources, Bath Max has you covered. To be sure, your bathroom space will certainly be cared for, meaning every single Telford tub-to-shower conversion has our whole team behind it.

Deciding to contact Bath Max, you’ll be able to recline and kick your feet up! That is it! Since we opened in 1979, we have renovated the bathrooms of many people around Greater Philadelphia and beyond. Below you will find motivational reasons to get a Telford tub-to-shower conversion:

  • Five-star installation team
  • High-quality, curated materials for your conversion
  • We have more than 43+ years of experience
  • Always on time, as well as tireless specialists

Call our team at 215-249-1180 today!

Advantages of Telford Bathtub Conversions and More!

Local homeowners can experience these home improvement service options:

  • Stress-free projects
  • Competitive and affordable price plans
  • First-rate Catalog of Services
  • Easy Financing Options
  • Flexible & easy scheduling & appointments

Bath Max, Telford Tub Conversions

You should not wait any longer! Simply put, no person likes a worn-down shower. Think about a Telford tub conversion from Bath Max today!

GLowing 5-Star Reviews

Robert & Theresa★★★★★
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We do not consider ourselves senior citizens, however, we are not getting any younger! We wanted to get rid of that old, hard to clean tub and get a big, roomy shower. Bath Max came and did just that! In about a day and a half we had just what ...
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I am so happy to have found BATH MAX! They do what they say they are going to do, there were no surprises! They were clean and neat and the end result is so beautiful ... I could not be happier!
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I was so fearful of having to go into a nursing home because I could not get into the old standard tub we had. BATH MAX came in and installed a walk-in tub and now I not only can get in and bathe, it feels so like a spa! Thanks, ...
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I did my research and believe me no one out there compares with BATH MAX! They do what they say. What a pleasure!

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$750 OFF Bath & Shower Systems

+12 mos No interest