What to know about shower installations


For many people taking a shower is quite an important part of the day. Hence they want to take extra care while doing their bathrooms. With the wide range of choices available to you, it must surely be difficult to choose one. Worry not, as Bath Max is here. We specialize in shower installations.  For every different kind of showers, we have done different floor plans, tile designs, configurations, and much more. Our team of designers and installers are well-trained and know that they have to keep pace with the ever-changing industry to give you the bathroom of your dreams. Not only that, being a fully-staffed bathroom remodeling company, we can install the shower from start to finish within a couple of days. While guarantying a quick installation, we make sure that the ease and comfort of the customers are not compromised. We can boast of the fact that our bathroom installations make people feel safe in their surroundings. Since we do all the plumbing and tiling work ourselves, we can maintain a low budget as well as complete the project in time.  

Below we have mentioned 2 basic things that you should consider before installing a new shower. Take a look. 

  • Position and Height 

Where you position the shower can change the whole energy of the room, for better or for worse. Getting the height right is very important for the people using it if it is a fixed shower. In the case of showers with moveable heads, it will not be a problem. More than style or size these 2 factors are crucial for a comfortable bathroom. 

  • Draining Details 

Access to a clear drainage system should be a priority as in a shower where the water goes is very important. One way of draining is connecting your shower with a separate manhole or a gutter system where all the water will be drained out. Another way of eliminating water buildup is to let the natural sunlight dry up the excess water. 

So, if you are looking for shower installations in Dublin PA, Lansdale, Doylestown, Perkasie, and Quakertown, then you can contact us. 

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